What is Model-Tech 3D?

Model-Tech 3D is a team of specialist architectural model makers. We have been producing high quality architectural models for almost 20 years and have constructed over 1000 models, ranging from houses and small commercial projects, to models for Development Application, to marketing presentations for multi-million dollar residential, commercial, public and infrastructure projects.

We have constructed models for projects in every state and major city in Australia, and have supplied models for projects in England, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Qatar, Dubai, India, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal and the USA.

Why Model-Tech 3D?

The Bottom Line

The ultimate purpose of a model is to present the scheme. And we believe that a high quality presentation will communicate the scheme and its qualities better than an average presentation.


We at Model-Tech 3D specialise in fully detailed presentation models for marketing and display purposes. We use a range of specialised techniques to accurately represent forms, textures, surface finishes, relief and colour to produce a quality package with a clean and intricately detailed finish.


On-Going Service

We understand that a project is constantly changing and developing, and we will incorporate additions and modifications to the model before, during and after construction.

Fast and Flexible

We have a large team of specialist model makers and can complete a project with a fast turn-around.

Computer Controlled Cutting

We utilise a computer controlled cutting system for facades, details and elements. Computerisation of the cutting tasks ensures greater precision and accuracy, as well as speeding the whole process.

Colour and Texture

All models are fully coloured to match your samples, and textured with surface finishes and treatments to represent actual building materials.

Fine Detailing

We utilise a range of specialised techniques to create the finest level of detail.